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A Good Walk Spoiled

Charlotte Hornets forced to walk to arena for play-in game after bus delay, get blown right out of the playoffs

The Charlotte Hornets’ season is over. On Wednesday night, they were blown out 132-103 by the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference’s 9-10 play-in game, sending everyone to the beach for the foreseeable future. While the result was disappointing, however, it wasn’t surprising given the way the evening started for the Hornets …

Talk about some bad juju. This game was over before it even began. Remember when Deontay Wilder got KO’d by Tyson Fury and he blamed it on his pre-fight costume being too heavy and sapping his legs? This is pretty much the basketball equivalent of that.

It’s also the pictionary definition of a “first-world problem”: A bunch of multi-millionaires forced to walk a few blocks to their basketball game, potentially scuffing their Gucci slides in the process. The triteness makes the scene no less bizarre, however. Say what you want about how pampered modern athletes are, but this kind of thing just doesn’t happen in the Big Four American sports, and it especially doesn’t happen in the playoffs. Worst of all, their bus was delayed by a train. A train! Who even uses trains anymore!? That's the big question Hornets coach James Borrego was asking after the game.

Unfortunately, the evening stroll did little to lift the Hornets’ spirits, including those of star forward Miles Bridges. Bridges can be seen in the video saying “they doing us dirty, bro.” A few hours later he was the center of an ugly scene, throwing his mouthpiece and striking a 16-year-old fan after being ejected in the fourth quarter. If that isn’t a good walk spoiled, we don’t know what is.