In the Drink

Charlie Blackmon dunked one in McCovey Cove and a couple of kayakers nearly drowned each other trying to get the ball

There’s just something about an up-for-grabs baseball that turns people into animals. Beers are spilled, athletes interfered with, women and children tossed aside like ragdolls. A game-used Rawlings is the fox to a grown baseball fan’s hound, and they will chase it to the ends of the earth if they have to.

That gold-rush fever gets considerably more hazardous when the bleacher seats are traded for the San Francisco Bay, however. Just ask these two idiots, who capsized each other’s kayaks in a mad dash to a Charlie Blackmon home run dunked in San Francisco’s famous McCovey Cove on Tuesday. Witness the stupidity as it happened.

There’s stunned silence from the broadcast crew as Mo and Curly play a game of dumbass battleship. Both quickly end up in the drink, and as one man clings to the kayak for dear life, the other races over to the ball, hoisting it triumphantly out of the water. “Well, that’s a turn of events,” says the announcer, unsure whether to laugh or phone the Coast Guard.

Now we’re all for staying young and all that crap, but these two seafaring gentlemen are a little old for this kind of thing. Both for A. needing a baseball this badly and B. taking a nighttime dip in the chilly (and not exactly sanitary) waters of McCovey Cove. Hell, you would think it was Barry Bonds at the plate the the way they reacted. It wasn't even a Giants player! But as we covered from the jump, we humans are willing to suffer anything for a free baseball … even a little pneumonia.