124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

That's A Shame

Is it mean to laugh at Foul Ball Guy taking a huge spill and not even getting the ball he was going after?

As more and more fans begin filling up stadiums, it's become very apparent just how sorely they were missed. Not only do they completely change the atmosphere, but they provide an innumerable amount of hilarious, viral moments that add to the viewing experience.

Before viral moments and social media were even a thing, though, there was Foul Ball guy, who has been shagging foul balls at MLB games since Moses was wearing short pants. 

The post-pandemic, fan-less MLB world had to be tough on Foul Ball guy, but it appears he's back with a vengeance now that fans are allowed in stadiums again. On Monday night, Foul Ball guy (we should point out now that his actual name is Zack Hample) was in Philadelphia to take in the Phillies-Giants game, and he was up to his usual tricks. On a Brandon Belt homer to right field, you'll see Hample enter the screen, take a massive spill and reach for the ball. Sadly, despite his best effort, he didn't even snag the thing:

When your whole persona is aggressively going after foul balls and home runs, you simply cannot sprint down steps, dive over multiple rows of seats, crawl and reach for the ball on the disgusting Citizens Bank Park ground and NOT get the ball. That cannot happen. And that's why, as mean as it feels, we are lauuugghinggggg

Good news - Hample is A-OK and he'll be back in action on Tuesday evening. Take that, haterz.