Goodness Gracious

Bryce Harper moonshots will always and forever hit different (literally)

There are home runs and then there are home runs. Bryce Harper's home runs almost always fall in the italicized category.

Case in point, Harper's third dinger of the 2021 season, which came on Sunday against the St. Louis Cardinals. In the bottom of the first, Harper received a 91-mph fastball right down the pipe from Cardinals right-hander John Gant, and he took it to the freaking moon as he so often does. Full hip turn, full body rotation. Peak violence: 

Apologies to the Harper haters out there, of which there are many, but there is something that quite literally hits different about Harper moonshots. The force he generates is seemingly unmatched, and there is definitely something about him doing it from the left side of the plate that makes it better to watch. Lefty sluggers are just so much prettier (see: Bonds, Barry; Griffey Jr., Ken). 

To this day, his walk-off grand slam in 2019 is still one of the best MLB highlights in recent memory:

His all-out swing may result in some big-time strikeouts, but when he connects on one, it's always incredible to watch.