Chuck Being Chuck

Charles Barkley losing his wallet at Chipotle, then thanking the guy who returned it to him on live TV is why he's the GOAT

Normally, Charles Barkley headlines on this website go one of three ways: 1. His golf swing looks surprisingly good (or bad depending on the day), 2. He's beefing on live television with Shaq, or 3. He said something dumb and/or controversial and gets away with it because he's Charles effing Barkley.

For this story, however, we're checking off the "none of the above" box. This one is actually just a really great story about Barkley losing his wallet in a Chipotle, meaning Charles Barkley went into a Chipotle to order food, possibly sit down or take it out, and left his wallet there like one of us normal folk would. Not all that surprising given he frequents the Wendy's drive-thru, of course.

This Chuck tale has a very happy ending, though. A man returned the wallet to the Round Mound of double meat, brown rice, extra guac Rebound and earned a hearty shoutout from Barkley live on TNT at halftime of Game 4 of the L.A. Clippers-Utah Jazz series on Monday night. 

"Can I give a shoutout? It's important," Barkley says sincerely to host Ernie Johnson. Johnson obliges, and Barkley goes on to thank his new Georgia Bulldog friend in an awesome clip: 

So many celebrities might come off fake in this scenario, but Barkley could not come across more sincere when he does stuff like this. You hear about how great of a guy he is behind the scenes, but we don't really get to see it because it's just that - behind the scenes. Good people act like good people all the time and don't look for publicity for it. Barkley is one of those people. 

Having said that, it is absolutely hilarious that he still may have gotten the guy's name wrong. He spelled it out Matt Pyles, but seemed to pronounce it "Matt Powells." Never change, Chuck. 

By the way, it sounds like Pyles' pay-it-forward deed will not go unrewarded:

What a day for Matt here. Found Charles Barkley's wallet, returned it to him, got a shoutout on live television and is about to get free 'ritos for a year. Life comes at you fast, sometimes even in good ways.