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Today in Charles Barkley news: Charles Barkley says he’s never sent an email

October 28, 2021

The day is Thursday, October 28th. The year, 2021 CE. At this very moment in time, we are over 50 years removed from the sending of the first piece of electronic mail. In that time, we have seen empires rise and fall. We have seen war and we have seen peace. We have seen technological innovation even the great sci-fi writers of yesteryear couldn’t dream up. And yet, Charles Barkley has never sent an email.

That’s Chuck on The Steam Room podcast this week. Everything that comes out of Chuck’s mouth must be taken with a grain of salt. He’s as much a character as a person these days. But when he looks Ernie Johnson dead in the eyes and says “I have never sent an email,” there is simply no question that he’s telling the truth.

We stress sent here, because as Johnson quickly points out, Barkley has responded to countless emails over the years. So it’s not as if Barkley has never emailed as a verb, he’s just never been the one to start the thread.

“I know how to respond,” Barkley explains. “I just don’t know how to [indistinct stuttering] a new one. I don’t know how to initiate one.”

So there you have it, folks (many of whom are probably reading this in the pop-up window of a newsletter they received in the email application of their smartphone): Charles Barkley has never sent an email … sort of. Keep your dial tuned to Chuck Net for more breaking Chuck news as it develops.