Did Charles Barkley miraculously cure his swing yips?

November 24, 2018

Perhaps the most recognizably bad golf swing on the planet belongs to Charles Barkley. Renowned instructor Hank Haney worked with Barkley on a full season of "The Haney Project," attempting to rectify the former NBA star's cringe-worthy motion. No such luck: "He's my life-long project," Haney would famously say. "He's not much of a golfer."

Is that a thing of the past? Barkley, captured on video by LPGA pro Alison Lee while at an after-party from The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson at the Topgolf Las Vegas, looks like he might've ridden himself of that yippy, pause-and-then-dip swing. Take a look at this pure tempo from Sir Chales:

And another LPGA pro, Bronte Law, captured a second swing of Barkley's:

Before we get too carried away, let's remember that Barkley used to shoot mid-80s at the Lake Tahoe celebrity pro-am event. So he hasn't always had the yips as bad as we all know.

And his swing has been progressing (a little bit) over the years. Here's Barkley swinging cross-handed last summer ... not bad!

Also, Barkley had surely had his share of cocktails after participating as part of the Turner Sports crew for "The Match." Barkley called out Tiger and Phil as the duo made the turn, saying they were playing some "crappy golf." He also got in a back and forth with Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, who challenged Barkley on whether he could make a double bogey on Shadow Creek's first hole.

By the looks of it, maybe Barkley has a chance. He might have to have a few drinks in him before hitting the course next time. We'll be tracking this yips story moving forward.

charles barkley golf swing.JPG