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Charles Barkley is driving cross-handed now... and it doesn't look that bad

Charles Barkley's golf swing is absolutely atrocious, this is common knowledge. His nervous twitch severely hampers his ability to break 100, no matter how hard he tries to fix it.

The NBA Hall of famer has had plenty of coaching, famously with Hank Haney on Golf Channel's The Haney Project in 2009, which didn't help. According to him, he's tried every golf swing contraption imaginable, which also has shown no signs of helping. Yet every year, Barkley looks forward to the American Century Championship, the annual celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

On Friday, a video was posted to Twitter by SB Nation of the latest edition of the 11-time NBA All-Star's swing in Lake Tahoe, and it actually doesn't look that bad. But that's not the most shocking part. Check out his hands:

That's right, Barkley is going cross-handed, and it looks good! The left-hand-low grip is normally reserved for putting only, but some players have found success with it on the full swing. Will Lowery, former contestant on Golf Channel's The Big Break, impressed viewers with it in 2013.

Not only did Barkley's swing look okay, but he did it with a hard hat on. The man will literally try anything at this point.