Charles Barkley on Family Feud is must-see TV

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Chuck, Shaq, Kenny, and Ernie are one just about the only redeemable thing happening on sports TV at the moment. As ESPN continues to slash on-air jobs like Ghostface on a bender and Fox imbues their 360-degree coverage of the World Cup with all the enthusiasm of a eulogy for someone they can't pronounce the name of, TNT's NBA Tonight crew has managed to keep their brand of irreverent hi-jinx refreshing, even if it does usually just devolve into Shaq and Chuck threatening physical harm upon each other's bloated carcasses (their words, not our's). Thus when we saw the quartet on a recent episode of another TV institution, Family Feud, we knew we were in for a truly batshit treat.

In case you can't quite make it out, the category is what a man might use to cover up his broken zipper while at church. All the no-brainers—bible/hymnal, shirt, jacket—are already on the board, so Steve Harvey drops the ball in Chuck's proverbial court, Chuck, in trademark Chuck fashion, delivers a little somethin' somethin' from the hip:

A child, he replies, straightfaced.

After Shaq's eyes pop out the lenses on the sunglasses he's wearing inside and Ernie switches teams in silent protest, Chuck clarifies that he meant a baby, which, as is quickly pointed out, only makes matters worse. As Harvey heads to the board for the big Survey Says reveal, however, something miraculous happens: "Person" appears, wrung in glowing LED light, and Charles Wade Barkley, former NBA MVP and two-time Olympic gold medalist, is saved.

Sure, as far accuracy goes, it's pretty generous, but as any Family Feud vet will tell you, the name of the game is not specificity, but generality. That won't do much to ease the awkwardness of talking about covering up your exposed crotch with children in a house of god, of course, but points are points no matter how you get 'em.