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Chad Johnson leaves $1,000 tip at a restaurant reopening from coronavirus . . . tweets out photo himself

Chad Johnson or Ochocinco whatever the hell he goes by these days, is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. He's the 1B poster child for the Getcha Popcorn Ready wide receiver era—a zenith of ego, diva-ism and, yes, selfishness unparalleled in the history of organized football. In February, he was arrested in a domestic violence dispute with his then-girlfriend and later charged with one count of corporal injury, one count of assault and battery, one count of witness intimidation, one count of trespassing and two counts of vandalism. Then, on the other hand, there’s stuff like this: Johnson tipping $1,000 at a local Florida restaurant that had just reopened for dine-in service after months of being shuttered because of coronavirus.

It’s a nice gesture from a guy who can't really decide whether he wants to be a nice guy or not, especially considering the handwritten note (click the photo to expand) which reads “Congrats on the reopening, sorry about the pandemic, hope this helps! I love you.” Apparently Johnson has always had *a way* with service workers, for better or worse, and this is yet another example of his generosity.

That said, it’s tough to get too over the moon about Johnson’s act of kindness—especially considering he felt the need to tweet it himself. But hey, what did you really expect from a wide receiver?