Let the Kids Taunt

Carlos Correa had the 100% correct response to Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez mocking his signature celebration

October 19, 2021

What’s this? A positive piece about the Houston Astros? We know it may sound strange. We know it may feel wrong. But it’s time. We as a nation have booed, bashed, dunked on, and outright hated the Houston Astros for nearly two years, all for a sign stealing scheme that was slightly more elaborate than the MLB average. The hypocrisy has reached comical levels, with Red Sox fans booing the Astros during the ALCS while Alex Cora, a chief architect of the ‘Stros infractions, sits in their dugout. The vitriol has morphed from genuine to performative to mechanical. Like Martha Stewart and insider trading, the Astros were made a public example of—they became loathed not for their cheating, but the success of their cheating—and now it’s time to move on.

Which brings us to Carlos Correa. The Astros had a tough night on Monday. They gave up another grand slam—the Red Sox’ record third of the MLB postseason—and got blown out at Fenway Park. After striking out for the third time late in the game, Correa was mocked by Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez, who pointed to his wrist, mimicking the ‘Stros shortstop’s signature “it’s my time celebration.” Alex Cora was not happy about the no-show of sportsmanship …

… while Red Sox fans lapped it up like a clammy bowl of chowdah.

Scored tied 1-1 in Mockgate. Extra innings. Game within the game on the line. And who steps to the plate but Correa himself, delivering this surprisingly thoughtful walk-off ...

Upset of the century … and yet we couldn’t agree more. This is likely a case of Correa not wanting to give Rodriguez “the satisfaction,” but there’s also some genuine truth to what he’s saying.

“We talk about making baseball fun,” he told reporters, referencing everyone’s favorite baseball talking point. “We talk about baseball, you know, growing and more people coming to watch the sport, and you know, you need things like that—you need to let the players have fun.”

Bold move, Cotton Carlos. Let’s see how it pays off for ya.