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Canadian tour pro plans to not use numbers for yardages this week, comes up with genius alternative

Professional golf can be a slog. The same shots, the same yardages, the same two-putt pars, over and over and over again. Sometimes you've got to spice things up, which is just what Canadian tour pro Jared du Toit is doing this week at the 1932byBateman Open on the Mackenzie Tour (no, I didn't make up that name).

Du Toit, a former Arizona State standout, plans to not use any numbers for his yardages, instead coming up with a genius alternative with caddie Nolan Renwick. Rather than telling du Toit he's got 99 yards left to the pin, Renwick will just say "Gretzky." But The Great One isn't the only name he'll be dropping. Check out this incredible list the duo will be using this week in Edmonton:

For golfers who are also diehard pucks fans, this is "worlds colliding!" but in the best possible way. I'm sure a lot of people do this already when playing with their friends, but du Toit is taking it to another level with this list. Actually, it sounds like Renwick did all the writing:

In case you were wondering how this is going to sound, du Toit gave a little preview:

For the non-NHL stans, this means du Toit has 162 (or 62) yards left to the pin, and he wants to land it at 153 (or 53). I'd be happy to translate for these two all day.

The best part, though, is that although it's almost all current hockey players and a few legendary ones sprinkled in, there are also some random names from other sports: Jackie Robinson for 42, Shaq for 34, Dirk Nowitzki for 41, Brian Urlacher for 54, etc. My favorites are the ones with nicknames: "Bald Kobe" for 24, the jersey Kobe wore when he no longer had hair, "Cheeseburger Phil" for 81, likely referring to Phil Kessel winning Big Macs for an entire arena and "Johnny ham and cheese" for 13, referring to Johnny Gaudreau's love of ham and cheese sandwiches, which he ate seven days a week college.

Last but not least, don't think we didn't see this, Jared:

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 9.55.18 AM.png

69 jokes ... they always play.

Update: After shooting a first-round 69, du Toit and Renwick broke down one of their favorite holes of the day: