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Caddie tells tour pro to "Stop being crazy!" in 2018's best on-course conversation

November 12, 2018

Caddies were in the news a lot this past week from Matt Kuchar using a local looper to pick up his first PGA Tour title in four-and-a-half years to Kuchar's wife, Sybi, carrying Zach Johnson's bag for a few (successful) holes during an emergency in Mexico. But the most memorable caddie-player moment came in a somewhat heated exchange in South Africa.

In this incredible clip involving three-time European Tour winner Ashun Wu and his bag man, James Nelson, Wu wants to go for a risky shot, but Nelson will have none of it. The caddie pleads begs instructs ("Stop being crazy!") his player to pitch back to the fairway until Wu finally listens — and laughs along with fans listening in. Check it out:

Score one for caddies everywhere. Wu wound up finishing T-16 and taking home 84,122 Euros. Well, minus whatever Nelson (rightfully) demanded to be paid.