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Kevin Na calls off his caddie during priceless conversation, makes incredible birdie

May 25, 2018

Jim "Bones" Mackay famously had the right to veto one shot per year when he caddied for Phil Mickelson. It's doesn't appear that Kenny Harms has the same power when it comes to his boss, Kevin Na. Unless, of course, he's already used his up this season.

During Thursday's first round at the Fort Worth Invitational, Harms pleaded with Na not to try hitting a "40-yard cut" from the rough with a hybrid over water on Colonial Country Club's ninth hole (Na's final hole of the day). It seemed like a sensible suggestion, especially with Na leading the tournament and in the midst of one of the best rounds of his career. But Na was feeling good, and decided to go against his caddie's wishes. It turned out to be a great call.

Harms asked, "Where are you going to go with that?" after Na said he wanted to try the heroic shot, prompting this priceless exchange:

"It's gonna get on the green."

"Yeah, but over the green is dead."

"It's not gonna go over the green, Kenny. As long as you're OK with this club."

"I'm not. I'm not OK with either one of them."

"I'm going with it."

"OK." And it wasn't an "OK! Sounds good!" OK. It was an "Whatever you say, boss" OK.

Watch and listen to the exchange and the shot that didn't quite get on the green, but most importantly, avoided disaster. And after a drop, set up Na's chip-in birdie to cap an opening 62 to grab the lead after Day 1.

"Told you," Na said to Harms after chipping in.

Not exactly, Kevin. But yeah, we're pretty impressed. When you're feeling it, you're feeling it.