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Little Buddy Boeheim sucker punching an FSU player in the gut is another PR blow for the college basketball blue bloods

This is pretty much it for Syracuse. If you’re a fan of Carrier Dome basketball, savor this week because, barring an ACC Tournament victory and a few minor miracles, there won’t be a next for the 15-16 Orange. That’s a bummer for the 77-year-old Jim Boeheim, who won’t get too many more chances to make The Big Dance, but it’s apparently even worse for his son, 22-year-old Orange guard Buddy Boeheim, who was seen taking out his frustrations on the bread basket of Florida State’s Wyatt Wilkes on Wednesday afternoon.

Nepotism sure has its pluses and minuses, but you really don’t want to vouch for your kid, pull some strings to get him on a roster with a bunch of scholarship players, and then have him go around sucker punching opposing players in the guts while up 15 in the first-half of a must-win ACC Tournament game. The sins of the father might not be the sins of the son, but that equation doesn’t exactly work in reverse. Thus are the hazards of parenting.

All in all, Buddy the Elf’s little cheap shot here continues a rough couple of days for college basketball’s aging blue bloods. We already watched North Carolina spoil Coach K’s storybook send-off, exposing him for the sore loser we all already knew he was, and now Boeheim’s name is getting dragged through the mud (again). Needless to say, if you’re Roy Williams, feet up, mojito in hand, watching from home, you gotta be thanking your lucky stars you got out when you still had a chance.