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Bud Light crafts the perfect "proclamation" in response to reported "dilly dilly" ban at the Masters

April 04, 2018

It's no secret the Masters holds its fans, sorry, patrons to a strict set of rules. I once was told by security to sit up more when I had the audacity to lean back on my elbows for a minute to watch the action on the sixth hole's hill. I saw another lady snapped at for slipping her sandals off and I saw a couple guys quickly escorted off the grounds for running. But this year, it seems as if the tournament has taken its spectator guidelines to another level.

According to Bunkered, Augusta National security have been handed a sheet of phrases that fans are prohibited from shouting out. One notable inclusion? Bud Light's "dilly dilly" cheer that has popped up everywhere in the past year, from Super Bowl commercials to Ben Roethlisberger play calls to Vegas sportsbooks. Say what you will about the phrase, but it has proved to be a brilliant marketing tool for the beverage giant. And Bud Light's response to this supposed ban is another stroke of genius. Check out this "proclamation" response:

There hasn't been that much good stuff crammed onto a piece parchment since the Declaration of Independence. "Guards of the green jacket"! "King John Barley"! (Get it?!) And of course, the promise to deliver Dilly Dilly t-shirts -- made by "royal tailors" -- to patrons on the premises.

Of course, there's just one problem to this shifty plan. The guards of the green jacket have probably already been informed to escort those wearing said shirts off the premises as well. Godspeed to anyone brave dumb enough to don one through Augusta National's gates.