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They fought and won like brothers: Bubba Watson and caddie Ted Scott are parting ways

September 30, 2021

Bubba Watson talks with caddie Ted Scott on the 14th tee during the first round of the 2021 Wells Fargo Championship.

Maddie Meyer

They have been like the brothers in the neighborhood who are wrestling in the dirt one minute, about to send each other home bloodied and crying, and the next moment they’re united against the world. Bubba Watson and his caddie, Ted Scott, are among the most recognizable pair on the PGA Tour, and they're also the couple about whom everybody scratches their head and says, “How have they stayed together for so long without clobbering each other?”

Success, mutual admiration and a whole lot of forgiveness in the partnership overcame the occasional public tiffs, and it was a good run for Watson and Scott, who won two Masters and 10 other tour events together over the last 15 years. Now, it’s time to go their separate ways.

Watson announced in a Twitter post on Thursday that he and Scott decided to “end our on-course partnership.”

“We recently came to the decision after some deep talks, not only about golf but life,” Watson wrote on the post. “When we met I don’t think we ever imagined how much we would experience together. Teddy deserves more credit than anyone can imagine for our success on the golf course, but I am just as grateful for his friendship and the way he has helped me grow as a person.

“@jtedscott thank you for having my back for the last 15 years. It has been a blessing and privilege to have you by my side. I know you’ll do great things whether it’s coaching, caddying, or regaining the World Foosball Champion title. I’m excited to see and support whatever comes next for you my friend.”

Interestingly, the announcement came on the same day that another high-profile duo, Justin Thomas and caddie Jim “Bones” Mackay said they would work together full time this season after working together in some past events. Mackay is leaving his on-course commentating post with NBC.

Watson and Scott appeared to have a sibling-like relationship in which the mercurial and emotional player could rag the caddie for any number of reasons, both justified and not, and yet they ultimately showed a strong front.

There were a number of high-profile on-course dustups in which Watson openly questioned in front of microphones or fans Scott’s advice on club selection and the like. One of the most notable came in the 2013 Travelers Championship with Watson contending for the win. He lost because of a triple-bogey 6 at the par-3 16th when his tee shot found the water. Watson complained about a wind gust and then ripped Scott with, “Water—it’s in the water. That club. Yes, the water.”

In another dressing down one year at Riviera, as he was on his way to winning, Watson hit a shot on the par-3 eighth and complained, “Wrong club! Wrong club! Wrong club!”

When asked about the bickering at times, Scott consistently defending Watson.

They were also some comical exchanges. At Torrey Pines this year, microphones caught a funny exchange between the two. Watson hit a shot to near kick-in range, and while the ball was in the air provided this commentary: "Please be right, Teddy! One time in your life, Teddy! Oh, Teddy, be right!”

Then he turned to Scott and joked, “That was all me. That was all me.”