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Bryson DeChambeau won his first LIV event with a driver used almost solely in long-drive events. Here's its story


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Many everyday golfers are drawn to drivers used by tour pros. For those taking a look at the latest driver used by Bryson DeChambeau, a word of warning: If you’re not swinging at high-end tour-level swing speeds you might want to steer clear.

That’s because DeChambeau, who won the LIV Golf Greenbrier event with a spectacular final-round 58, put a driver from Krank Golf in play. For those not familiar with Krank, the company produces drivers specifically for long-drive competitors (of which DeChambeau has been one), including ones that have captured 26 World Long Drive championships.

In DeChambeau’s case, he’s using a Krank Formula Fire LD head with 6 degrees of loft and a Project X HZRDUS T1100 shaft (the same shaft he had in his TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus driver for most of 2023) that measures just under 46 inches. DeChambeau also put a Krank fairway wood in play as well at The Greenbrier.

Of course, part of making a driver for long-drive competitors (or behemoths like DeChambeau) is making heads that stand up to crazy-fast swing speeds. In the case of the Krank Formula Fire LD, the company says it uses a forged cup face made from a “super hardened beta titanium.”

DeChambeau was generous in his praise for the club, saying, “It's probably performed the best I've ever had in the past five years in professional golf for me, ever since 2018 when I was striping it early in the year. … I don't want to say too much. It's fantastic for anyone that's over 175 ball speed.”

The 2020 U.S. Open champ believes the driver doesn’t curve as much because of its construction and the bulge and roll of the head.

“Ever since I put this driver into play, it's not been really my golf swing,” DeChambeau said. “It's just hit on the toe, hit on the heel, everything comes back down the middle of the fairway, and I'm like, all right, pick up the tee and let's go. The driver has been really nice. It's allowed me to have some time to myself after rounds instead of going and working my butt off all the time.”

That’s nice for him, but probably wouldn’t work for us mere mortals.