Masters 2020: Bryson DeChambeau is tearing the Augusta National range to pieces with 200-mph ball speeds

November 11, 2020

Earlier this week, Nick Faldo made a promise. "Bryson will not be driving the first at 445," he said. “If he does, I will leap out my tower and run around naked round Augusta National." It was a bold claim that, should it come to pass, would surely spell the end of Faldo’s storied relationship with Augusta National, but on Monday it seemed like a safe enough bet. Even science has its limits, as DeChambeau himself would be the first to tell you. Theoretical ceilings. Unthwartable drag coefficients. A rogue mosquito splattered on the front of your Bridgestone like a windshield. But if the scene on the ANGC range on Wednesday morning was any indication, Sir Nick better start stripping.

Yep, that’s a 200-mph ball speed from DeChambeau, all while fighting heavy dew points and early-a.m. moisture. It’s not an aberration either. Around the same time as Faldo’s birthday suit bet on Monday, a caddie posted this video of DeChambeau clocking 201 while swinging like John Daly trying to clear Niagara Falls. We weren’t aware you were even allowed to do this to a golf ball at Augusta National, but what are rules if not meant to be broken?

Give DeChambeau a dry day and a tailwind, and he’s going to be pinging these off the press center, where Faldo will be holed up, sweating through his green jackets. Sorry Nick, you made your bed. Now you have to streak in it.