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Brooks Koepka shares the funny story behind a viral photo with girlfriend Jena Sims

August 22, 2019

Brooks Koepka's battle for golf supremacy has been easier than his search for acclaim. But it seems the World No. 1 is starting to get recognized by people away from the golf course more. And he's finding out that's not always a good thing.

In his Wednesday press conference ahead of the Tour Championship, a discussion about Koepka's upcoming vacation plans led to him sharing a funny story behind a viral photo of himself and girlfriend Jena Sims. A photo that went viral of course, because Jena Instagrammed it. Take it away, Brooks!

"Yeah, I've had people. I think -- where were we last time? I think we were in the BVIs, and we were walking through some rocks, and some fans walked up and tried to take a picture," Koepka said. "I think that's when, I don't know, Jena was trying to make some Instagram photo. I don't know. It was pretty funny. She's laughing at it now. If you only knew what was going on."

Jena was trying to make some Instagram photo. LOL. Sounds like that sums up most of their trips.

Then Brooks broke into a chuckle and added, "You can look at the photo and figure it out."

And figure it out people did! He's right, it wasn't hard. Here it is:

Nothing like a little sun to get over a close call at the Masters, huh? In any event, Brooks is being tight-lipped about where his next beach trip will be following the conclusion of the PGA Tour season this week.

"I'm not saying now. I don't want people showing up where I'm at."

Probably a smart call, Brooks. Although, someone else has to be there to take those photos. . .