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Brooks Koepka shares the funny story behind a viral photo with girlfriend Jena Sims

August 22, 2019

Brooks Koepka's battle for golf supremacy has been easier than his search for acclaim. But it seems the World No. 1 is starting to get recognized by people away from the golf course more. And he's finding out that's not always a good thing.

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In his Wednesday press conference ahead of the Tour Championship, a discussion about Koepka's upcoming vacation plans led to him sharing a funny story behind a viral photo of himself and girlfriend Jena Sims. A photo that went viral of course, because Jena Instagrammed it. Take it away, Brooks!

"Yeah, I've had people. I think -- where were we last time? I think we were in the BVIs, and we were walking through some rocks, and some fans walked up and tried to take a picture," Koepka said. "I think that's when, I don't know, Jena was trying to make some Instagram photo. I don't know. It was pretty funny. She's laughing at it now. If you only knew what was going on."

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Jena was trying to make some Instagram photo. LOL. Sounds like that sums up most of their trips.

Then Brooks broke into a chuckle and added, "You can look at the photo and figure it out."

And figure it out people did! He's right, it wasn't hard. Here it is:

Nothing like a little sun to get over a close call at the Masters, huh? In any event, Brooks is being tight-lipped about where his next beach trip will be following the conclusion of the PGA Tour season this week.

"I'm not saying now. I don't want people showing up where I'm at."

Probably a smart call, Brooks. Although, someone else has to be there to take those photos. . .

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