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Even with a completely new hairdo, Brooks Koepka keeps getting called the wrong name

January 27, 2022

OK, let's preface by saying this may well have been a gag—especially with the first tee starter at Torrey Pines this week being Tony Perez, the father of three-time PGA Tour winner Pat Perez. That being said, Brooks Koepka was announced as "Bruce Koepka" on the first tee on Friday. And it was a rather funny moment.

Those listening got a kick out of it. Some people yelled "BRUUUUUUCE!" And even Brooks himself chuckled—another indication this was some kind of setup. But again, it happened. Again. Have a look:

For some reason, people keep calling Brooks Bruce by mistake, most notably CBS' Verne Lundquist, who did it numerous times during the 2019 Masters. (We still love you, Uncle Verne!)

This despite the fact that he's a four-time major champ. This despite the fact his dad's name is Bob and he has no siblings that go by the name Bruce. This despite the fact he arrived at the Farmers Insurance Open looking like a cross between Eminem and Pete Davidson.

It just doesn't matter. People are still going to call Brooks Bruce. In fact, it's amazing Bryson DeChambeau hasn't encouraged fans to do that as payback.

Again, though, this was possibly all a joke. But if it wasn't, Bruce Brooks is going to be extra motivated the rest of the week.