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Luke Donald drags Honda Classic first-tee announcer for completely butchering his intro

March 01, 2020

You can excuse Luke Donald for having first-tee jitters on Saturday as he played in one of the final groups on a PGA Tour weekend for the first time in a long time. Donald badly hooked an iron on his opening shot before settling down, but the biggest mistake on that first tee came from the guy doing player introductions at the Honda Classic. Make that the three biggest mistakes.

The man who shall remain nameless messed up the pronunciation of Donald's hometown, High Wycombe in England. Hey, it happens. But then completely butchered the rest of the intro as well, saying Donald was the 2016 winner of the event (he won in 2006) before calling him, "Luke McDonald." We hate to say, "You had one job," but. . . you had one job.

Golf fans watching early coverage of the third round on Golf Channel instantly noticed the gaffe, as did Donald, who turned and made an amused gesture. But after, he shared the clip making the rounds on social media and pointed out all three mistakes:

The guy was so off it's almost like it was a prank. I mean, Luke Donald is a former World No. 1 for crying out loud! Show the man the proper respect! Anyway, glad to see Donald took it in stride. Call me Ronald is a tremendous hashtag.

And on the bright side, Luke will have another late tee time in Sunday's final round at PGA National. Hopefully, that announcer is a bit more prepared by then.