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Brooks Koepka destroys Bryson DeChambeau for taking a dig at his abs with one savage photo

January 16, 2020

Ross Kinnaird

A day after Bryson DeChambeau's comments about Brooks Koepka's abs (yes, that is a strange phrase to type), Brooks fired back with a savage photo that can be summed up by just one word: Scoreboard!

OK, let's back up, because, again, this isn't your typical feud between golfers. On Wednesday, DeChambeau was seen and heard during a live Twitch stream (again, strange times) talking smack about Brooks' bod in his ESPN Body Issue photoshoot last year. Here's the clip, in case you missed it:

"In [ESPN's] Body Issue he didn't even have any abs, I can tell you that," DeChambeau says. "I got some abs." Unfortunately for Bryson, the Body Issue is no more, but we're inclined to believe him based on the fact he told reporters in Abu Dhabi earlier this week that he has been working out three-and-a-half hours per day this off-season and that he's bulked up some 30 pounds. Still. . . weird flex, right?

Well, word of DeChambeau's dagger at Keopka's midsection obviously reached the four-time major champ. And after firing a bogey-free 66 to begin the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, beating Bryson by six shots on the day, Brooks brought the heat with this brutal comeback at a golfer still in search of a first major title:

Shots. Fired. Just absolutely perfect. And to think, this all started because Brooks criticized Bryson's pace on the course about a year ago. See? Slow play can be productive.

Anyway, keep the barbs coming, guys. Although, it's going to be tough for Bryson to bounce back from this one.