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Brandi Chastain's Hall of Fame plaque looks absolutely nothing like Brandi Chastain

May 22, 2018

Brandi Chastain provided one of the most iconic moments in U.S. sports history when she scored the winning goal at the 1999 World Cup and sent sports bra sales skyrocketing with her celebration. But in the nearly two decades that have passed since, this vibrant, extremely fit young woman has morphed into a geriatric male. At least, that's what her latest honor would make you think at first glance.

On Monday, the Bay Area Hall of Fame unveiled a plaque for the San Jose native. And let's just say it looks absolutely nothing like her. Have a look:

And a closer look:


Good lord, that's bad. Is this some sort of prank? Did the NFL Hall of Fame's plaque for Peter King get sent to the wrong place? We know someone worked hard on this and we don't mean to crap on his/her creation, but c'mon. This makes that infamous Tom Brady courtroom sketch look accurate.

Not surprisingly, the reactions on Twitter were NOT kind, either:

And a personal favorite:

Although, Mr. McCallister would cringe at that unflattering likeness.

Yes, you're the only one who thinks this looks like Brandi Chastain. Poor Brandi. She deserves better.