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BEHOLD, the most bizarre soccer celebration in the history of bizarre soccer celebrations

September 25, 2017

Strange things happen in the damp cellars of lower-league English football. Social media managers become players, plumbers become folk heroes, and every now and then—via magical FA Cup run or the wonders of YouTube—the world looks up and takes notice, if only for a moment.

This is one of those moments.

Meet Nott’s County’s Matt Tootle, who in addition to having the most English Soccer Player Name Ever, uncorked this celebration after a scoring a goal in Notts’ 4-1 drubbing of Lincoln City this weekend. Shield your eyes from the majesty, humble sports pilgrim!

That is neither demonic possession nor a bout of epilepsy, but—according to Tootle at least—an inside joke and an actual dance move because who knows what the kids are doing these days, amirite? Here’s how the 26-year-old fullback explained his convulsing coronation:

"We did a bit of karaoke but I forgot the words to 'Stand By Me' and, having seen somebody do the slug at a festival on Instagram, I just decided to do that instead and it went down well,” he told the Nottingham Post.

“So on Saturday, I didn’t plan it, I just thought the lads would find it funny and it went quite viral in the end."

Right you are, Tootle. Quite viral, indeed.