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Keep Trying, Brad

Brad Marchand snatches fan's phone, takes video, is trying his hardest to become likable

Unless you're a Boston Bruins fan, there is a very strong chance you hate Brad Marchand. He's given almost every other fanbase plenty of reason to despise him, whether it be acting like a literal rat on the ice or taking social media shots at other players and teams off of it. And please, for the love of God, spare us the "if he was on your team, you'd love him!" Yes, we know how sports work.

The fact is, he is not on our team, and it is your duty as an opposing fan to hate players like him. Respect his game, sure, but that doesn't mean you have to like him. Marchand has been actively trying to change that as of late, though. Just last week, during a pre-game interview with the TNT crew, Marchand was talking about how much he loves to chirp other players on the ice, but said you have to be a little more careful with what you say because of all the hot mics. He then promptly cursed on accident, and it made for a hilarious moment

But one funny faux pas does not erase a decade's worth of his scumbaggery. Another move he pulled on Thursday night, however, has him inching closer and closer to "likable" territory, which is a terrifying thing to say. Watch as Marchand comes off the ice after pre-game warmup, snatches a fan's phone out of the crowd and then takes a video of himself on it. Dammit Brad, we're supposed to be hating you:

I mean, there is absolutely nothing to hate about this move. Marchand just made this fan's life, and in turn has every non-Bruins fan letting their guard down and wondering "is this dude alright?" 

NO! We can't let that happen. As a true hater, we should float a conspiracy that Marchand set this up after getting his ass dragged all over the place by some faceless social admin from the Carolina Hurricanes earlier this week. Brilliant plan, but we're on to you Brad. We also wish you a speedy recovery (Marchand left the game in the second period with a shoulder injury). We're not that heartless.