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Brad Marchand says you have to be careful on hot mics, immediately curses on hot mic

It wasn't quite as bad as whatever the hell was going on in Kodak Black's box at the Florida Panthers game, but Boston's Brad Marchand delivered a hilarious R-rated viral moment of his own in an NHL arena Wednesday night.

Prior to puck drop, Marchand, who agreed to be mic'd up for the entire game on TNT, did a pre-game skate interview with the NHL on TNT crew. One of the analysts, former NHLer-turned podcaster Paul Bissonnette, joked with Marchand that everybody would have to put the kids to bed with Marchand being mic'd up for the whole night. Marchand, a noted... agitator, we'll call him, can chirp with the best of 'em in the NHL. 

Bissonette then asked if Marchand's chirping motivates him, to which Marchand said "it's more something that just keeps you involved in the game," adding, "it's fun too, ya know? Whenever you get a good chirp, it just makes you feel good." Moments later, Marchand explained players are a bit more careful nowadays with so many hot mics around to catch a guy maybe saying something they shouldn't. He then promptly cursed on live televisionin what has to be the most hockey player moment ever:

Say what you want about Marchand—and believe me, his haters, of which there are many, have a LOT of not nice things to say about him—but this is flat-out funny. You know he was trying so hard not to say anything stupid on the mic all night, too, and he couldn't even make it through the freaking pre-game skate. These guys are in chirp mode 24/7, so it's hard to blame him. Like Biz said, hopefully the kids were in bed. 

By the way, Marchand went and scored a hatty against Montreal, and when the hats rained down from the TD Garden crowd he got himself a solid souvenir:

Hate him or love him (I'm firmly in Camp Hate), there's no denying he's an electric goal-scoring/chirping machine.