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Nothing could be more Florida Panthers than what happened in Kodak Black’s luxury box on Tuesday

January 12, 2022

On Tuesday night, the Florida Panthers beat the Vancouver Canucks 5-2. This is the kind of thing that literally no one outside of the Panthers’ and Canucks’ fanbases would ever hear about and, yet, as daylight broke on Tuesday, it’s all anyone in sports could talk about. Why?

Because Kodak Black.

For some reason, the rapper was in attendance for the game, and everything began as you would expect. He was seen in the stands with a woman, both fully clothed. No cause for alarm.

The NHL even welcomed him with their usual “Look! A C-celebrity at a hockey game!” tweet, which they would soon come to regret (and delete) when moments later Kodak Black was seen in his luxury box enjoying an, um, exotic rendevous while the entire arena stared on in disbelief. We’re not going to embed that video here because we’re not sure what (or how much) actually happened, but if you’re one of the seven people on earth who haven't already watched, well, here's more.

As you can probably guess, the internet got immediately to work.

Making matters even more hilarious and/or disturbing is that fact that legendary Canucks and Panthers goaltender Roberto Luongo was reportedly in the box right next to Mr. Black’s …

Prayers up for Bobby Boo. Thankfully, second angles seem to confirm that this was not as bad as it looked through the long lens and that it was all probably just a big publicity stunt from Team Kodak. To that end, mission accomplished. If you didn’t know Kodak Black before Tuesday, you do know. In fact, you’ll never be able to forget him.