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Boise State QB logs into Zoom class in full pads during weather delay, is the definition of a STUDENT athlete

September 03, 2021

College football is different now. Kids are getting paid millions to push queso and Kool-Aid, rendering the whole “student” part of the “student athlete” equation more or less ceremonial. But believe it or not, some guys are still there to learn, gosh darn it, and Boise State QB Hank Bachmeier is one of those guys.

Last night, UCF (now led by former Auburn coach Gus Malzahn) and Boise State squared off in one the sneaky good matchups of Week 1, but the game started in a weather delay because, well, have you seen the news this week? For Bachmeier, however, the delay was good news, because it allowed him to log into his business class from the locker room. Remember when you used to skip afternoon electives because of you had one too many Busch Lattes the night before? Bet you feel pretty stupid about that now, huh.

Unfortunately, Bachmeier’s feel-good viral story coincided with a feel-bad loss at The Bounce House. The Broncos led 21-0 early, before coughing up the lead and eventually losing 36-31. The come-from-ahead loss ended the Broncos’ already-remote Group of Five CFP hopes on September 2nd and raised very real questions about where their season will go from here. But hey, look on the brightside:

At least Bachmeier will make Dean’s List.