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'I play for the team': Cop stops Avs defenseman Bo Byram at parade, doesn't realize he plays for the Avs

Oddly enough, our very own Shane Ryan asked a topical question on Twitter Thursday afternoon. The gist: which major sports athletes are the most easily recognizable on the street. One thing we know for sure is that it ain't NHL players.

Case in point, this hilarious moment from the Colorado Avalanche's Stanley Cup parade, which took place on Thursday afternoon in Denver. Bo Byram, a 21-year-old defenseman who broke out with nine assists during the Avs' Cup run, was innocently running back into the parade route with two chilly Coors Lights when he was stopped by a cop on bicycle. The kicker - he was wearing his own freaking jersey, at his own freaking Stanley Cup parade.

"I play for the team," Byram can be heard telling the cop. "HE'S A PLAYER!!" one fan shouts. Check out the hilarious clip:

In fairness to the cop, none of us would know who Byram was if he passed us on the street, unless you are a true, diehard pucks head or an Avs fan. And even then you'd still have to check your Google machine first. He's also just doing his job, which is to stop anyone from hopping the fence and causing chaos, especially someone who looks like a frat star like Byram does here. Add in the fact that just about everyone is wearing an Avalanche jersey at that parade and it becomes very understandable the cop did what he did. 

Having said that, Byram is wearing his own damn jersey! Tough scene for the kid, who finally introduced himself to the hockey world this postseason after missing a boatload of games his first two seasons due to concussions. He finally is having a moment, the mountains just turned blue, and he damn near gets kicked out. Good news is, we're sure he got over it very quickly, like 0.3 seconds later quickly. All is well in Avs country