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Bill Walton is a super awesome kung-fu sensei now

November 28, 2017

Bill Walton has been on a bit of a roll. Last week he waxed poetic about Phil Knight in the feel-good interview of the season. Then on Sunday he went ahead and did the same about literal, actual bridges in the middle of a live UNC vs. Michigan State broadcast. Finally, on Monday he hit the gym with Dave Pasch to work off some negative energy (if he possess such a thing) and the resulting video immediately became the viral haymaker of the week. Check it out:

Now, Bill doesn't exactly look like he's ready to challenge McGregor here, but bear in mind that this is a 65-year-old man who was essentially the 1980s version of Greg Oden and somehow—despite countless breaks, surgeries, and a debilitating back problem that drove him to the brink of suicide—he's still able to get off his ass, throw on some tie-dye, and step into the ring. Cheers Bill. Keep doing you.