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Bill Walton loves Phil Knight more than anyone has ever loved anything

November 23, 2017

Bill Walton is an insane person, in the best way someone could possibly be insane. This is hardly news if you've ever watched him broadcast a college basketball game.

Unfortunately for those of us on the East Coast, we don't get to hear enough of Walton's commentary because he's usually calling late night Pac-12 games. But if you do stay up, it's always well worth it. He literally talked about legalizing marijuana on air once.

It just so happens the two-time NBA champion is calling basketball during the day on Thanksgiving at the PK80, also known as the Phil Knight Invitational, a pre-season hoops tournament played in honor of the Nike founder's 80th birthday. Walton will be doing multiple games, so make sure to tune in to ESPN at some point for some A+ ramblings about whatever is on his mind.

Prior to the tournament tipping off, Lindsay Joy, a sports reporter on the West Coast who normally posts hilarious clips from Mike Leach press conferences, spoke to Walton about Phil Knight. Joy tweeted out the video on Thursday afternoon, and it's absolutely amazing:

You cannot possibly love anything as much as Bill Walton loves Phil Knight. "The most important man in the history of all sport" !??! Talk about high praise. Find you a man/woman/partner that loves you like Bill Walton loves Phil Knight.