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Bill Walton's ode to bridges is the best sports commentary of 2017

November 27, 2017

Sports television color commentary is a barren, dry landscape. It's one filled with banalities, laziness, and self-importance. Former athletes are supposed to deliver an authoritative take from their experience, but often it's the same insights that can be gleaned from the Average Joe on Twitter. Occasionally a breath of fresh air manifests -- evidenced in Tony Romo's well-received booth debut this NFL season -- but sadly, these creative voices are the aberrations.

But, whenever we get too downtrodden about the state of announcers, we remember there's a shinning beacon in the distance, one that gives us hope not only about the games we love, but in mankind. And that's the batshit awesomeness of Bill Walton.

This weekend's highly-touted matchup between the Michigan State Spartans and North Carolina Tarheels turned into a green-and-white route. Blowouts are a nightmare for most behind the mic, as it's a struggle to sell the audience that the issue is still in doubt. Perhaps that's why Walton, with the Spartans up 21, decided it was the perfect opportunity to share his thoughts on...bridges.

The man operates on a plane we are not familiar with.

Sure, Walton's rambles have their share of detractors. And by "detractors" we mean tight-asses. So the next time Jon Gruden breaks out one of his "This guy can play for me any day of the week" soliloquies on a third-string quarterback, bite your lip and picture Bill Walton remarking that Napoleon is a vastly underrated field general, and smile.