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Bill Murray may play Joe Maddon in upcoming film about Cubs’ World Series triumph

September 28, 2017
Bill Murray Wrigley Field

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Unless you’ve been sleeping in a cave under a rock at the bottom of the ocean with noise-cancelling ear plugs and no Wi-Fi for the past year, you no doubt know that Bill Murray is a die-hard, goat-fearing, daffy-duck spitting Chicago Cubs super-mega-uber-fan.

That’s why it makes all the sense in the world that Murray, a likeable, graying icon whose whole shtick is acting less than half his age, has, according to Deadline, been tapped to play Cubs' manager Joe Maddon—a likeable, graying icon whose whole shtick is acting less than half his age—in an upcoming film adaptation of the Cubbies incredible curse-busting World Series. Some things in this world just make too much sense NOT to happen. This is one of those things.

Titled Teammate, the Shane Abbess-directed film has yet to confirm casting, however, so even though Maddon seems predictably psyched about watching Bill Murray essentially just put on a pair of glasses and start swigging Cab Franc from the bottle, all of this still falls into the “hopeful rumor” bucket. With that said, given Murray’s Cubbie love and sports-movie experience (who could forget Space Jam, come on), the odds of this one happening feel pretty damn good at the moment.

If it does come to pass, though, we do have one question: If Murray is playing Maddon, then who the hell is playing Murray?