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Bill Belichick was asked about the Miami Dolphins-Tom Brady tampering scandal and you can guess how that went

August 03, 2022

There is no one in the wide world of sports who can say more with less than Bill Belichick. The Patriots czar has authored some of the cryptic, repetitious, plain-bagel-ass answers in NFL history over the years, from “we’re on to Cincinnati …”

… to “it feels like we’re playing Kansas City.”

But whatever you do, don’t mistake Belichick’s brevity for simplicity. These are advanced avoidance maneuvers. They are tactical deflections of the highest order, obfuscations plucked straight out of the presidential debate playbook, and on Wednesday he delivered another classic when asked about the Miami Dolphins tampering with Tom Brady while still a Patriots player during the 2020 offseason. Here’s what he had to say.

The best to ever do it, folks. Asked about his jilted former quarterback and longtime division rival being docked a first-round pick, Belichick barely even blinks. “I’m just trying to have a good training camp here,” he replies. Asked again, he repeats the mantra, the exact same timbre, the exact same volume. “I’m focused on training camp here. That’s all in the past.” Most other coaches would cave. They would succumb to temptation. They’d slip in a little jab here, twist the knife there. Belichick, however, is more interested in conditioning drills.

That’s what makes him the GOAT head coach and the WOAT interview. But after all these years and all these soundbites, we wouldn’t have it any other way.