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Bill Belichick and Bruce Arians are both claiming the other stole their passing scheme. Sunday can't come soon enough

September 30, 2021

It’s going to be a BIG weekend in Foxborough, Massachusetts. For the first time since taking his talents to Tampa, the prodigal son returns home to Gillette Stadium and the blood couldn’t be badder. All week, excerpts detailing Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s falling out from Seth Wickersham’s new Patriots tell-all ‘It’s Better to Be Feared’ have swirled. Belichick refused to say goodbye to Brady in person. Brady told confidants he didn’t want to play for Belichick as early as 2017. So on. So forth. In fact, so great has the animosity grown, that it spilled over to the Belichick and Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians on Wednesday, each serving up a little steak tartare to the main course beef at their weekly press conferences.

It all began when a jilted Belichick stepped to the podium and directed this little shot across the Buccaneers' bow.

Arians, furiously beet red by default, fired back a few hours later with this Spygate-referencing retort.

Just incredibly petty bickering from two grown-ass men with Super Bowl rings, each alleging they are the brains behind the other's passing game when the answer is so damn obvious it’s practically backhanding them across their faces:

Tom Brady is their passing game.

For years, Brady's critics derided him as a “system quarterback,” but as 2021 proved, with TB12 winning a Super Bowl on a new team with a new coaching staff on the first try, Brady is the quarterback system. But hey, you do you, fellas. Keep on whining and we’ll keep on writing the headlines. Hell, go ahead and fight each other, like Belichick and former Jets coach Eric Mangini allegedly almost did at the 2008 league meetings. That would really make Sunday interesting ...