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You Slay Me, Bill

Bill Belichick opens Brady Week press conference with absolute KNEE-SLAPPER that brings down the house

September 29, 2021

Unless you're a fan of unintentional comedy, Bill Belichick press conferences have not exactly doubled as nights at the Apollo over the years. This week, Tom frickin' Brady week, would surely be no different. All business Bill, er "we're on to Tampa Bay" Bill, would make his usual Wednesday appearance.

Or, perhaps realizing the magnitude of the matchup and everything that will come with it media-wise, Belichick had a change of heart as he made his way to the podium. Flip the thing on it's head. Kick it off with a joke. Lighten the damn mood. It's a brilliant idea, when you think about it. But could it be executed? Considering Belichick is one of the all-time greats at executing a plan, of course it could. 

And boy, was it ever. Folks, this is how you kickoff a comedy routine right here. A knee-slapper so hard these reporters would have to go straight to the emergency room with a case of side-splitting laughter:

A genius at work. You see, the joke is that there ARE stories this week, all of them of the coach vs. former quarterback variety. Legend vs. Legend. Who won the breakup type stuff. Gosh, you slay us Billy!

All kidding aside, I think this is a good thing if you are a Patriots fan? A relaxed Belichick in the middle of one of the bigger weeks of the schedule should inspire confidence, especially coming off back-to-back losses. Then again, do you want a more pissed off, no-time-for-BS Belichick ahead of a must-win game? Tough call, which is what makes the opening joke that much smarter. Lull everybody else into a sense of relaxation. Chess, not checkers.