Pedro Martinez saying 'the umpires don't know sh-t' about what they're doing is live-TV gold

September 29, 2021

When it comes to not giving a f@%#, Pedro Martinez is one of the all-time greats, both in the way he played and they way he conducted himself when he wasn't on the mound. Remember, this is a guy who once grabbed a 72-year-old man by his bald head and threw him to the ground, seemingly enjoying it.

So if you think Pedro is scared of cursing on live television, you are sorely mistaken. On Tuesday night, during MLB Network's "MLB Tonight" live whiparound show, Martinez was describing how Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Luke Weaver was consistently balking while the bases were loaded against San Francisco. The umpires, according to Martinez, were missing it, and that's when host Greg Amsinger informed Martinez that Weaver had never been called for a balk in his career. 

Pedro, who, may we remind you, DGAF, let the umpires have it:

Some people are saying that Pedro saw Eli Manning flip the double birds on Monday Night Football and decided to try his luck with an S-bomb. Those people fail to realize that this is just another Tuesday evening for Pedro, who is MLB Network's version of Charles Barkley.  

Speaking of Chuck, how does the NBA on TNT not have some version of "MLB Tonight" where they let Barkley, Shaq and Kenny watch the games live and say whatever pops into their brain? Eli and Peyton have seemingly already perfected this art form, and "MLB Tonight" has been doing a similar version for that for awhile now. It's coming to every sport eventually, but they all needed it yesterday.