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Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks Instagram lives with fan, fan craps on Cody Parkey before Hicks can mute video

Cody Parkey's double doink heard 'round the world was one of the biggest daggers in the history of Chicago sports. It was a Steve Bartman-level failure, and Bears fans who waited so long for their proud franchise to be back in the playoffs, and winning in the playoffs, had every right to be as upset as they were. But, for the most part, they've handled it quite well. They even tried to kick 43-yard field goals on their own in a snow storm, yielding hilarious results. Death threats, as far as we're aware, have been kept at a minimum.

But that doesn't mean Parkey is getting off easy, especially after his strange appearance on "The Today Show" a few weeks ago. While actual Bears players like Akiem Hicks have moved on, the fans aren't gonna. That's why Hicks should have known that the subject might come up when he crossed paths with a Bears fan on Friday in Orlando.

Hicks, who is making his first appearance in the Pro Bowl, started an Instagram live and a kid in a Bears shirt happened to be standing close by. After inviting him on camera, he asked him "what we gonna do next year?" and the kid said "win the Super Bowl!" before getting a hilarious shot in at Parkey before Hicks could cut the video. Have a watch:

Awkward... You can tell Hicks knows exactly how the kid feels because there wasn't a word of protest. No defending of his teammate. Just a "whoops, sorry I didn't mute that!" While the kid may be right, he shouldn't be so sure that Parkey isn't going to ruin it next year. He is still on the roster, though the Bears did sign a free agent kicker recently to compete with him. Sounds like a great opportunity for a redemption story for Parkey. He wins back the job, hits a few big kicks during next year's regular season, then comes up small in a big spot in the postseason again. Let's check back on this prediction in a year.