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Bears QB Mitch Trubisky signs autograph for his backup QB, has no idea its his backup QB

Last week, a picture of a dude at Jacksonville Jaguars training camp went viral for his hilariously absurd shirt that displayed his apparent job title on the back of it. It read "MADDEN Ratings Performance Adjustor", prompting the world to ask if such a thing existed. If it does, that guy has some work to do this afternoon once he sees this video of Bears QB Mitch Trubisky, whose Madden awareness rating deserves to take a hit following this performance.

The clip, posted by Pete Blackburn, comes from a prank video the Chicago Bears shot of Trubisky's backup quarterback, former University of Missouri star Chase Daniel, who masqueraded as an autograph-seeking fan at Bears camp. While he fooled many of Chicago's players, the funniest moment came when he got Trubisky to sign right on his own #10 not knowing it was Daniel underneath the bucket hat:

He had Mitch going up until the "best quarterback everrr" line, which caused him to perk up a bit. Also, to be fair to Mitch, that's a very protective bucket hat, especially when you look down the entire time. Kind of cheating on Daniel's part. Here's the full video, in which a good majority of the guys pick up on Chase's disguise immediately:

Does anyone have it better than Chase Daniel? Guy was an absolute stud in college, a two-time Heisman candidate that took Mizzou to a different level and got to enjoy being the star of the campus at a big-time D-1 school, then made it to the NFL and has remained there for nearly a decade, won a Super Bowl (!) in New Orleans, cashed in a few times (including his latest two-year, $10 million contract in Chicago with $7 million guaranteed) and he gets to screw around at training camp and never really worry about seeing any real action. Living the dream.