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Judging by this brutal first pitch, Baker Mayfield already looks like a Cleveland Browns QB

April 30, 2018

In a society filled with futile endeavors, grading NFL draft picks minutes after selection may rank supreme. God forbid we let these players, you know, play before we cast up judgement. We need to know how our favorite teams did now, dammit, no matter how cold these takes ultimately manifest.

So, keeping all that in mind, we're ready to say Baker Mayfield looks exactly like every other Cleveland Browns quarterback. At least if you put any stock into this brutal first pitch:

Actually, we take it back. When's the last time a Cleveland arm completed a 20-yard throw?

On the bright side, he didn't go Mark Mallory on the ceremonial toss. (Never go full Mallory.) Sure, that may be a low bar to cross. But when your team's won all of one game the past two years, you'll take any victory you can get.