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Bears fans attempted to kick 43-yard field goals in the snow and it went exactly how you'd expect

Following kicker Cody Parkey's double doink, game-losing field goal last week, the reaction from Chicago Bears fans was quite mixed. Many went full scapegoat mode just like they did with Steve Bartman over that foul ball, opting to pile on Parkey and wish nothing but bad things upon him. Others tried to lay blame elsewhere, claiming the defense should be blamed for not making a stop, or the coaching staff for not attacking Philadelphia's banged up secondary enough.

But after five days of yelling and screaming, Bears fans decided to do the best possible thing they could have done in the aftermath: exorcise the demons. Instead of continuing to whine about Parkey and not being in the playoffs, many fine Chicagoans gathered together on Saturday to attempt to kick a 43-yard field goal in the snow as part of a contest. Make the kick and Goose Island Beer Company was offering free beer for a year. In addition, a local restaurant was offering free Italian beef sandwiches for a year to anyone who could connect. The results, as expected, were outstanding.

First up was Tommy boy as one member of the crowd referred to him. A fitting nickname, because had Chris Farley kicked a field goal in the movie "Tommy Boy," it would probably look very similar to this:

Next was Mike Golic, Jr., who played his college football at Notre Dame before playing on a few NFL practice squads. At no point in his football career was he called upon to kick:

Got to love the crowd standing right in the shank zone like it's a PGA Tour event. Have to assume a few adult beverages were being consumed for people to willingly put themselves in the line of fire. No way that was going to end badly....

No playoffs and now no children for that poor guy. Ouch. On to the best of the rest we go:

When it was all over, a total of ZERO people made the kick. At least these folks put their money where their, um, feet were. And according to Yahoo Sports' Henry Bushnell, Goose Island offered to donate $20,000 to the charity of Cody Parkey's choosing in lieu of a winner.