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Bartender Jay Cutler is the best Jay Cutler yet

January 13, 2020

Jay Cutler has been busy in retirement. Whether getting on that IG model hustle, trying his hand at semi-pro axe throwing, or becoming a reality TV star, the former turnover factory foreman has flashed Peyton Manning-esque range post-NFL. And while he certainly looked at home playing the wisecracking husband in Very Cavalleri, nowhere—especially not Soldier Field in December—has he ever looked more comfortable than he does here, bartending like a classy old vet who knows whether you're going through a break up or lost your job just by the look in your eye.

Ladies and gentleman, there you have it. Jay Culter's final form: Mixologist. How did we not see it before?

OK, sure. He's not exactly whipping up a deconstructed negroni chilled with liquid nitrogen and blessed by The Pope. It's a pair of Dos Equis. Also, according to TheCarm23, Cutler offered salt or lime with the cervezas. Pretty sure salt is for the margs, Jay. Just a quick FYI for next time. That said, that double breasted blazer more than makes up for Jay's failings as a bartender. He could spit in our whiskey and we'd say thank you sir, may we have another?

We don't have much context for you beyond this. We know the who and the what, but the why, where, and how remain a mystery. It appears Jay—the unofficial most interesting man in the world—is schilling Dos Equis these days, so maybe that's it. Or perhaps he's just doing it for the 'gram . . .