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Backup Chargers kicker misses three-yard practice kick in front of America

November 24, 2017

One, two, three, four. This is the fourth time we've written about the Chargers kicking game this season, which probably seems like overkill, but bear with us for a second. You see, yesterday during the second of three terrible national football broadcasts, Chargers punter backup kicker Drew Kaser lined up a three-yard practice kick, took a full-blooded swing o' da boot, and blasted his kick high, right, and probably to Plymouth Rock in the worst televised practice kick miss in NFL History (probably). Check it out:

The Chargers would go on to turkey fry the Cowboys 28-6, so Kaser probably didn't let the kick ruin his Thanksgiving, but something tells us that he will have to live with grainy screengrabs of this one—the worst miss in a rapidly eroding NFL kicking landscape by some margin—plastered all over his locker until at least New Years.