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You won’t see a more depraved, sickening bad beat all year than this Auston Matthews empty-netter

Still reeling from your March Madness losses? Trying to get your mind right for Masters week? Did you bail on “Will Smith gets on stage and slaps someone (+5000)” at the last second? Well, beleaguered bettors of earth, we strongly urge you NOT to watch the footage of the downright disgusting bad beat that went down in Sunday night’s game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers. Consider yourselves warned.

Prayers up for all the NHL under bettors out there. You can look long, hard, high, and low, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a sicker scene than this all season long. The game is over. The clock is ticking down. The under is about to cash and then Auston Matthews—a man who has scored plenty over the years; who wants for nothing and needs not—decides to rifle the puck on the Panthers net from his own end. The puck bounces. From one brief moment the planet halts its turn. Then the cruel little rubber disc smacks the back of the net and the goal horn sounds, a mere .4 seconds remaining. If you just threw up in your mouth a little bit, you’re not alone.

Adding insult to injury was the arena’s reaction to the garbage-time goal, with practically every seat in the house vacating in celebration of Matthew’s disgusting display of gratuity and greed. Apparently everyone in Toronto had the over. If that doesn't smell like home cooking to you, get your nose checked.