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The Atlanta Braves are getting roasted for flooring it through their World Series parade

November 05, 2021

The Atlanta Braves are World Series champions. For the first time in 26 long, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, soul-punching years, the Braves have returned to the top of the baseball heap, and on Wednesday they hit the ATL streets to celebrate with the now requisite victory parade. It was an occasion Braves fans waited nearly three decades for … and it was all over before you could say “Dale Earnhardt Jr.”

That is the very real, not-fast-forwarded speed at which the Braves navigated their citywide coronation on Friday. It looks like a train chase out of an old silent film. It looks like the Joker knocked out the driver, took their clothes, and is now ferrying the Braves to some nefarious doom. There they are, and there they go …

The view from the top of the bus is even more terrifying. Click it or ticket, Dansby.

It remains unclear where the Braves were headed and why they were in such a rush. Maybe Joc had to use the bathroom? Tough to say, but let's hope they’re not currently sitting on the side of 85 with the red and blues flashing. The last way you want to celebrate a World Series championship is with a speeding ticket.