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Atlanta Braves announce $25,000 ballpark burger that comes with a side of an actual Word Series ring

Each and every spring, we get a look at the culinary abominations coming to ballparks across America. No longer content with a hot dog and Cracker Jacks, the masses have demanded bigger, better, and stranger, and teams have responded with every possible piece of stunt food you can possibly imagine. Never before, however, have seen something as downright decadent—as absolutely obscene—has the Atlanta Braves new $25,000, limited-edition World Champions burger. Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you brought your appetites (and black cards).

The burger comes stacked with a half-pound of Wagyu beef smothered in Tillamook cheddar and topped with grilled lobster tail, gold-leaf wrapped foie gras, a cage-free fried egg, heirloom tomato, bibb lettuce, and truffle aioli. It’s served on an Irish buttered brioche bun with a side of parmesan waffle fries and the most important acoutrement of all: A genuine World Series ring.

Too rich for your blood? Don't worry, the peons can purchase a $151 version (one buck for each year of the Braves’ existence) that comes with a replica ring instead. April 1st was days ago, folks. We promise we’re not yanking your chain.

This very site once once ranked the bougiest ballpark experiences in America—from steakhouses to VIP lounges to locker-room rent-outs—but those were mere appetizers when compared to this. In fact, no food item in all of sports can hold a fork to this monstrosity, not even 150 miles down the road in Augusta, Georgia, where Hideki Matsuyama, curator of perhaps the classiest Champions Dinner menu in Masters history, must be looking on jealously.