LIV Cribs

Ashley Perez shared a few photos of her confrontational home decor to own the haters

September 27, 2022

Ashley and Pat Perez. Golf’s power couple. LIV Golf bajillionaires. 4 Aces legends. The glitteriest of glitterati. So how do these two A-listers kick back and relax when the spotlight goes off? What does it look like when they put their Jordans up on the marble coffee table for a quiet evening away from the prying eyes of the world? Well this week, Mrs. Perez gave us a little peek behind the curtain, inviting the world on a brief tour of Casa de Perez. Check it out, peasants!


A prime example of contemporary confrontational design, the Perez Pad flips a big middle finger to the haterz, featuring custom dinnerware cursing their mostly imagined enemies and an antique “F—k Em!” rug, which experts believe to have originated in 16th-century Persia. The Perez’s small but ardently maladjusted group of fans say these welcoming touches have been a core part of Perez Manor for years, long predating Mr. Perez’s controversial move to LIV Golf. However, the decor took on poignant new meaning when showcased by the Perez matriarch on Instagram this week.

Obviously this is just a taste of the bold design choices that litter the Perez’s fortress of solitude. What lies deeper within? “Suck on this!” throw pillows? A 'Cask of Amontillado'-inspired wine cellar? Toilet paper adorned with Jay Monahan’s face? Tune in to the next episode LIV Cribs to find out!