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University of North Carolina basketball star Armando Bacot’s DMs are open … for potential golf partners

Last time we saw Armando Bacot, he was being helped off the court in the closing minutes of the men's national championship game after aggravating an injury sustained in the Final Four. The Tar Heels were moments away from coughing up the largest lead in NCAA title game history and suddenly Bacot—and the program’s—future looked murky at best. North Carolina would go on to lose that game, but got good news a few days later when Bacot announced he would be returning to Chapel Hill to finish unfinished business in the fall.

For Bacot though, the decision had an unforeseen consequence: Boredom. Instead of preparing for the NBA Draft and all the massive life upheaval that comes with that, Bacot was suddenly handed one more summer as a college kid. That means a lot of sitting around, of course, but also, potentially, a lot of golf.

If you’ve ever been so desperate for someone to round out your foursome that you opened your DMs to strangers on the internet, then you know Bacot’s pain. This is the golf equivalent of looking for a roommate on Craig’s List. You might get a serial killer. You might make a best friend for life. 50/50. No in between. But while psychopaths and high handicappers are welcome to reach out, we’re guessing Duke fans need not apply.

UPDATE: Pinehurst has gotten wind of Mando's request and they're into it. Moral of the story: It never hurts to ask. For better or worse, you never know who might say yes.