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Nothing says “woo pig sooie” like Eric Musselman partying shirtless with court stormers after taking down no. 1 Auburn

February 09, 2022

We don’t mean to alarm anyone, but March is just a couple of weeks away. The college basketball pressure system off to our west is strengthening by the day, and on Tuesday night it blew through Fayetteville, where the Arkansas Razorbacks took down top-ranked Auburn in overtime. Let’s check out the radar, shall we?

Incredible scenes, but they paled in comparison to what came next, when Arkansas ball coach Eric Musselman tore his shirt off and began partying with court stormers like it was freshman year all over again. Let’s see them guns, coach.

Has there ever been a more iconic scene in college basketball history? (Don’t answer that). Making the whole spectacle even more batshit crazy is Musselman’s brace, which he has worn since undergoing shoulder surgery in January after colliding with a player. How did he get his shirt off over that brace so quickly? Wasn't he worried about re-injury? Some mysteries humans simply aren’t meant to ponder.

After the celebrations wound down (inside Bud Walton Arena, at least), Musselman even made sure to thank law enforcement for making it all possible. Please also note the white belt.

Thanks officers. We’ll see you next month.